version 22.10

Changes since release 22.04

The following lists shortly describe the main differences between release 22.10 and the release 21.04.


  • total domain boundaries have not been written to restart file in case of cyclic_fill mode
  • missing initialization of turbulent inflow boundaries during restarts
  • wrong calculation of latent heat flux at roofs
  • wrong calculation of momentum flux at downward facing surfaces
  • problem with SALSA in case of mesoscale nesting
  • wrong dynamic pressure output for ocean mode
  • missing division by density for various flux output profiles
  • wrong extreme heat sinks during night above metal surfaces
  • bug in optimized MG solver in case of an-elastic approximation
  • leading empty time levels in output files of restart runs have been removed
  • bug in reading surface data in restart runs

New features:

  • optional interpolation to grid center for all 2d/3d output
  • new method for generating a turbulent inflow using time dependent cross section data from a precursor run as inflow boundary condition (turbulent_inflow_method = 'read_from_file'), new script palm_cti (create turbulent inflow) to generate a dynamic driver file from the precursor data
  • offline nesting with synthetic turbulence generator for neutral cases
  • cloud ice considered in radiation model
  • radiation and biometeorological quantities added to virtual measurement output
  • topography is allowed to be used in precursor runs
  • Ambrosia plant added to pollen model


  • localized raytracing in RTM
  • extended topography filtering
  • optimized 3D-NetCDF output by transposing 3d-arrays to get first dimension 0:nx, in order to allow output of larger contiguous data chunks
  • improved divergence correction for Wicker-Skamarock advection scheme
  • several additional checks for static driver data
  • new namelist runtime parameters section_xy_m, section_xz_m, and section_yz_m to give cross section position in m


  • new namelist &turbulent_inflow_parameters for all parameters releated to turbulent inflow methods
  • namelist parameter complex_terrain has been renamed terrain_following_mapping
  • default I/O method for restart data has been changed from 'fortran_binary' to 'mpi_shared_memory'
  • initializing_actions = 'inifor' is deprecated, 'read_from_file' should be used instead
  • output of sky view factors has been changed from 3D to surface data
  • effects of nacelle on the flow has been re-activated for the wind turbine module
  • timeseries of Lagrangian particle quantities and statistical Lagrangian particle quantities have been merged to one output file (local filename DATA_1D_PTS_NETCDF, file suffix _pts)


  • output of lat/lon and UTM coordinates to NetCDF data files
  • wall_salinity_flux (ocean mode)